There’s more to me!

You cant take up a full time hectic job at 25, because you are supposed to get married at this age. Girls shouldn’t take up medicine as their subject, as it takes up a lot of time and then you cant be a good daughter. You can’t even think of being an actor, because then the society will talk shit about you and your family. Don’t get involved in a lot of social service, who will take care of your children if you do that. One question that pops up in my head every time i hear something like this, women today are capable enough to take up multiple responsibilities, deal with it! I was always asked to not try and sail on two boats at the same time. But i strongly believe that the generation next born with the ability to be a multi tasker.

Once in school when i was picked as a team member for the district level handball match, my English professor told me, “balancing on two different boats at the same time will lead me nowhere, either study or be an athlete” I obviously didn’t listen to him, though the statement affected me so much that even today i function exactly opposite. Thanks to my mom who was always supportive, right from the time I took up drama classes as acting and dancing was always a passion. Weekend activities are mostly working on shortfilms, shooting for print assignments, performing at community functions or just writing! It was much more than extra curricular activities, it always served as a break from all the stress in life. My mom just smiles or nods her head when i tell her the next things in my head are learning musical instruments and buy a sewing machine, not because i wish to make money out of extra activities, just because it would be amazing to play your favorite songs for yourself and flaunt clothes you’ve stitched for yourself on your own! Because creating something has always been my first love. Playing an agni-aunt to my friends and their friends and acting as counselor to help people deal with issues from career to heart-break has always been a part of my life. My friend last week randomly asked me to talk to her friend and help her deal with the rough phase she’s going through in her personal life. I will always be the first one to get to work when there’s a party being planned, as that’s another part of me, who loves decorating places, managing events and hosting them. It feels amazing when I can introduce myself as a social media marketer, an actor, a model, a counselor and a party planner of sorts and an ameteur guitarist.

The society today need to digest the fact that a woman is not entitled just to the kitchen, or just being a mother, she is much more than that, way more than the world can even imagine. Because when a man returns from work to have dinner, his wife has already returned from work, cooked dinner for everyone, served her kids, help them with their homework and get them to bed and yet enough energy left to spend some quality time with her man.

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She’s not just a mother!

I always wondered why my mom always wanted to keep herself busy by taking up multiple tasks in hand at the same time. She had failed innumerable times in being a tuition teacher.

She always wanted to be a teacher, but ended up concentrating more on us than the other kids and things never worked out when it came to my mom’s classes. She would start it and shut it again.

But this time luck was on her side. And as they say there’s a right time for everything, she had reached to a good 12 students as compared to 2 when she started. I always wondered why cant

mom just be happy as a housewife. She always believed that every woman is born with an ability to play multiple characters in her life. Every girl is told to remember that she wont remain just a

daughter when she gets married, she will be a daughter-in-law, a wife, a mother, a co-sister, an aunt and much more. So when a woman can be considered capable enough to fulfill responsibilities of

that these relationships need, why isnt she considered talented enough to be able to play different roles in the society. Why can a super model not be an ideal daughter-in-law, or why can a socialite not be a good mother.

I’ve always been proud of the fact that my mother’s just not a mother, along with the various roles she’s bound to play being a mother, she’s taken up activities that make her happy. From teaching

kids to taking up management activities for the regional community events to being a performer for the same events. All this has never come in her way of being a great wife, an all rounder mother and

a housewife at the same time. It’s not just the generation next, but the woman today who wish to take their hobbies and responsibilities equally seriously and are out there to show the world that there’s much more to them.


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This can happen too!

We all lose opportunities at some point in life, due to various reasons. But, when the reason is something as silly as your BEARD, you will regret the loss for life. At times it’s difficult to belive the amount of impact a clean shaven look can create. We might normally categorize breaded men or guys with a stubble as hot and the clean shaven ones as cute, but when it comes to being a gentleman, a clean shaven look always works. I realised this when I was once waiting for my turn at a job interview at an events company. As we all know events is a profile where we find smart looking people all around. We were 8 of us interviewing for two positions in the company and i was very sure of losing this opportunity as there were good looking personalities around. I tried striking a conversation with one of the candidates who looked smart enough to grab my attention. I could makeout that he was a little overqualified for the position but wanted to take it up as event management was something he always wanted to do. Exactly when he was making me feel more worthless and my attempt to crack this interview pointless, the interviewer came out of the room to take a look at the candidates and noticed the guy i was talking to. He came nearby and politely asked him to not give the interview. When i later on spoke to mr. smart he told me that the interviewer was of the opinion that if he’s lazy enough to not clean shave for an interview, he would definitly not be active enough to fullfill an events head requirement. I was shocked. I could believe a stubble could make such a huge difference in the interviewers prception and judgements about the candidate that he could reject him without even giving him a fair chance. If only he had got the look, I’m sure the position I am working at today would have been his…Good for me though!

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Rejected for what?!

There was a time in my life when i was trying my luck in modelling and acting. As I had some casting director friends who always told me i should start giving auditions and give it a shot, I considered doing it in my sabatical period. Auditions were always fun. You find a bunch of people sitting with you, rehearsing the same scripts with different expressions and trying various ways to impress the casting director. One strange thing, and for me one of the most irritating fact about auditions were that 90 percent of the ‘artists’ as they address the candidates there, just looked alike. Most of them carried the same look, well built muscular persoanlities with fair skin and the clean shaven look. After a point I was so bored of guys looking exactly the same like the other one sitting next to him, that i slowly started losing interest in even checking out guys around me. I always wondered why is it so important to look this way for an audition. How do directors pick actors for their characters with negative and rustic looks, how does the judgement thing work for them. I got even more curious when at one such auditions which was for an ice cream brand’s print as, the casting guy came out and asked some of the boys to go get a clean shave and come back for the audition. While some with heavy breard where directly declared not fit for the character. I decided this time to talk to them as i got really excited to know why? I spoke to the cameraman as soon as i was done with my audition. He laughed at first but the explained the reason why majority of the times people are declared unfit. The character age groups that i audition for are basically in their late teens or early 20s, if characters in this age group sport a beard it makes them look older than their age which doesnt work for the camera. On television beard and a stubble is actually something used when they wish to show that the character is aging or is going through a rough phase in his life and id depressed and not in a state to worry about his beard. They would definitly not want their lead actor with a chocolate boy appearance to look depressed or old. He also told me about this one show for which they had to pick one out of the two shortlisted actors and one of them was picked over the other just because the clean shaven look worked for him. Bad luck for the other one i must say. This one experience made me realise the underlying messages that a clean shaven confidednt look could convey. It really matters alot!

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The Groom Hunt.

Opinions and choices made by the subconscious mind has a huge impact on our decision making. No matter how insignificant we think some things are, the subconscious mind captures it and influences our decision making at crucial moments. usually make a lot of. It the summer of 2013 and my sister had tuned 25, My family members thought it was high time my sister got married. Pictures of some of the eligible bachelors in town started coming in. My relatives started looking at prospects and sending shortlisted pictures to my sister. I was never really interested in her life, thus was not very much aware of what was going on in the entire process. But after a while my parents realised that its been quite sometime and she’s not even picked one guy to meet and see if things workout. She would just reject guys at one instance and nobody knew what the issue was. Finally my mom decided to approach me as she thought being a sister I should talk to her and figure out what the real reason behind all these rejections were. I decided to help mom out with this one. Also i thought it would be interesting to know what is it that’s going on in her head. What i figured was something i could have not even thought in my wildest imaginations. She did not like any of the prospects as they all looked old fashioned and aged because of their beard. I always though these things don’t really matter to her, but no…it did matter a lot; as she continuously rejected boys just because all the guys shortlisted by my uncle had particular look with a beard that annoyed my sister. I eventually spoke to my uncle and my mom and told them to send her pictures without shortlisting them from their side so that she picked prospects herself. She accordingly started picking prospects who she wouldn’t mind meeting and eventually it turned out that my jiju was the first one to meet her, the first guy she picked who looked exactly like Shahid Kapoor from Jab We Met, the chocolate boy hero who looked like a gentleman with that clean shaven look was exactly what attracted her towards him. Call it destiny or the psychologies behind the clean shaven look, things really worked out for us!

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He lived adjacent to me #MyRoleModel

#MyRoleModel, the phrase usually to alot of people reminds them of someone really close to them, like a mother or father. But this is something else for me. Though my parents have always played a very important part of my life and an inspiration in everything they do, but this man is someone who I hardly meet but still whenever I do, he leaves me awestruck. This man is a 61year old man B.P. Pandya and he lives in the building adjacent to mine.

B.P. Pandya being a lawyer by profession is a very well read, intelligent and a man with deep thoughts. I would have never known him, but one day he just came up to me to ask me about my interests and family and also said that he saw me visiting the temple were we met regularly. It was a casual chat, but later on we usually met and had chats about various things in life, specially studies as I was just in standard 9th then.  His guidances always made a difference in my thought processes and decisions, which eventually made me think of him whenever I had a difficulty in making choices in life.

At one such situations, when I had trouble choosing between carries options for myself, as media was something i wanted to pursue and my parents wanted to make be a chartered accountant. I straight away went to Mr. B.P. Pandya to tell him the scene and that the only reason my parents want me to be a CA was because they believed it will give me secured career and good money in future. I can never forget that one statement he made then which made my decision taking the easiest thing ever. What he said was: No matter what degree you take, or what career option you choose, the amount of money you earn and here you end up in life is all your destiny.

That was it. I still have this one statement of his in mind whenever I have to make a difficult choice in life!

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A Role Model for all

We all have a role model, someone we look up to, respect, like everything about and someone we aspire to be like. A role model can be found anywhere, at home, or anywhere whom you have met or seen at some part of your life. Their good qualities would make you want to be like them.

I had recently seen a video in which a 77 year old man in Delhi sells puppets to make a living. This man is a rage on social media with tons of likes on a facebook page named after him and innumerable people watching this video. But this man and this particular video seems to have affected me very deeply.

This man spent all his savings on his children’s education and marriage and has nothing left for him. Above all he lost hi children and so has nobody to take care of him. Inspite of all the attrocities that life put him through, he is facing life with the same amount of willpower that he did when he was young. . This man is Mr P.V Saar, a retired bank manager who is barely able to walk but travels 170 km both sides daily and jumps all hurdles of life. Life tried its best to make him say “I QUIT“, brought him down the knees to say.

This man truely is an inspiration and a Role Model in my life as he inspires me to never give up no matter what. We tend to give up on life or a lot of situations in life easily and take the easier route. Mr P.V Saar is a perfect example of determination and will power.

Golden words from P.V Saar – “One should be always ready to bear all type of problems and we should never loose our hearts”

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Classes v/s Matches!

Being a girl never pulled me away from the common religion this country had…CRICKET! Though my family never bothered as to why i spent my my entire vacations with my guy friends more than my girl friends, this was something that brought me even more close to the sport. While other girls were more interested in the celebrity gossips, I always kept a track of which match happens when and against which team. I was more aware about the matches any anyone else in my home. My craze for IPL matches had greyed most of the hair on my mom’d head. I had already missed many tution lectures just to watch Kolkatta Knight Riders play. One question every other IPL fan asked me was “Why was supporting KKR when I was a Mumbai resident?” and the only reason was that the team was headed by the king of Bollywood! Shah Rukh Khan was the main reason why I was so much in love with Kolkatta Knight Riders. Though it might sound wired KKR performed its best in the Indian Premier League 2013. It was the IPL 2013 finales and I was stuck in my mom’s lecture session with all the shouting happening as to how i should concentrate on my studies and alot of better things aroung me than just stick to the idiot box and watch matches for 3 months in a row. I was being forced to attend classes as my mom had received a call from my teacher on how my attendance was very low. Miss the IPL finale? That was impossible not just for me, but for any cricket fan on this earth. But right now my only goal was to get rid of all the lecture my mother was showring on me and so I told her that I would miss the final match and attend my classes. I was sure of what I was going to do when i leave home. I packed my bags left home and went to my friend’s home. We were so engrossed in the match and not wanting to leave the place that i called my mum to lie that the lectures were entended for an hour! So this was one my successfull stories of crazy stunts done just to ctach up a match.

The infografix feature by Star Sports is according to me the best feature amongst the new features introduced y them. It’s an interesting way to keep a track of all the important moment sin a match! Great going Star Sports.

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Cricket above all!

Cricket is the nations love but it can be more than that if there is an India versus England one day series headed for a white wash and India shining away in world cricket! Every thing seems far more interesting than studying especially when you are in tenth and have the most dreaded boards coming your way. In my house that meant my cable getting disconnected which is the most torturous thing to do specially in between an important series. Now my parents wouldn’t understand my obsession with cricket and its players, some in particular, to the extent that even the sports page of the newspaper was read before the entertainment section.  Dhoni and Yuvraj were the most discussed in girl’s gossip sessions in school and they were quite the poster boys. Well that was not the point, the point being what do you do when everybody’s only aim in life seemed to be to keep me away from the tv.
Well I had my best friend for company and we would do stupid stuff to catch up on the match. We would spend hours together studying though in reality both of us would sit facing each other with our books in hand enjoying the match. If you ask how then the answer is that we simply had our headphones in one ear carefully hidden with our hair and enjoyed cricket the old way on radio! The only difference being it was the radio on her mobile phone. It was a great match with Sachin, Raina and my favourite Dhoni showing them who the real bosses of cricket are. Well we could not be satisfied with just the commentary, could we? so when ever her mother got busy or went out the tv would switch on in mute and we would sit right in front of it and have the time of our lifes! As they say mango seems sweeter when stolen, I think I haven’t enjoyed the game of cricket as much as those days when the minute the door bell rung we would switch off and run for our lives!

The fastest scoreboard is my favourite feature amongst some of the amazing new features introduced by Star Sports. With this feature I can keep myself updated with scores real time and faster than anyone else.

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Dinner date with Mumbai Indians!

Cricket has always been a very important part of my life and this was something that brought my entire society gang together.
Missing a match was always a very big deal. I remember one such day when Mumbai Indians was scheduled to play against Chennai Super Kings, my parents planed a dinner at my aunt’s place. Miss the match for a dinner with family! Really! I would never want to do that. I tried all tips and tricks to get rid of my parents that night so that i could watch the match alone at home. After all the begging and pleading happening my parents finally agreed to not take me with them. I was already dancing in my head as in the next few minutes I was going to be left alone to watch the match in peace.
That very moment when my parents shut the door behind their back i was jumping on the couch with the remote in my hand like a cheer leader. My happiness didn’t last too long as their was power failure due to some crappy fuse problem and the entire building was supposed to be in the dark till the electricians come. There was no way i was going to miss the match. I started walking all around the house thinking of a solution to this. And the first thing that came to my mind was, If only i had gone with my parents, I could have atleast not missed the highlights of the match! Then? Why not go there now! Like a shameless ass i changed and got ready to visit my aunt for dinner. Dinner was just a reason though! My aunts who stayed just in the next lane got shocked when she saw me their! My parents couldnt belienve their eyes when they realised that it was me, joining them for dinner. The most inportant question was thrown at me in the next two seconds….Why did you deny coming with us before? To which i said – “I just wanted to surprise you all”
Mumbai Indians won that night! Nothing could add to my happiness. All the lying felt totally worth it and the best part of the evening was that i did’t miss the match!

I love the new Zip clips feature introduced by Star Sports! All the important moments and hightlights are captured real time and so nobody can now stop me from enjoying and replaying the best scenes of any match.

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