There’s more to me!

You cant take up a full time hectic job at 25, because you are supposed to get married at this age. Girls shouldn’t take up medicine as their subject, as it takes up a lot of time and then you cant be a good daughter. You can’t even think of being an actor, because then the society will talk shit about you and your family. Don’t get involved in a lot of social service, who will take care of your children if you do that. One question that pops up in my head every time i hear something like this, women today are capable enough to take up multiple responsibilities, deal with it! I was always asked to not try and sail on two boats at the same time. But i strongly believe that the generation next born with the ability to be a multi tasker.

Once in school when i was picked as a team member for the district level handball match, my English professor told me, “balancing on two different boats at the same time will lead me nowhere, either study or be an athlete” I obviously didn’t listen to him, though the statement affected me so much that even today i function exactly opposite. Thanks to my mom who was always supportive, right from the time I took up drama classes as acting and dancing was always a passion. Weekend activities are mostly working on shortfilms, shooting for print assignments, performing at community functions or just writing! It was much more than extra curricular activities, it always served as a break from all the stress in life. My mom just smiles or nods her head when i tell her the next things in my head are learning musical instruments and buy a sewing machine, not because i wish to make money out of extra activities, just because it would be amazing to play your favorite songs for yourself and flaunt clothes you’ve stitched for yourself on your own! Because creating something has always been my first love. Playing an agni-aunt to my friends and their friends and acting as counselor to help people deal with issues from career to heart-break has always been a part of my life. My friend last week randomly asked me to talk to her friend and help her deal with the rough phase she’s going through in her personal life. I will always be the first one to get to work when there’s a party being planned, as that’s another part of me, who loves decorating places, managing events and hosting them. It feels amazing when I can introduce myself as a social media marketer, an actor, a model, a counselor and a party planner of sorts and an ameteur guitarist.

The society today need to digest the fact that a woman is not entitled just to the kitchen, or just being a mother, she is much more than that, way more than the world can even imagine. Because when a man returns from work to have dinner, his wife has already returned from work, cooked dinner for everyone, served her kids, help them with their homework and get them to bed and yet enough energy left to spend some quality time with her man.

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She’s not just a mother!

I always wondered why my mom always wanted to keep herself busy by taking up multiple tasks in hand at the same time. She had failed innumerable times in being a tuition teacher.

She always wanted to be a teacher, but ended up concentrating more on us than the other kids and things never worked out when it came to my mom’s classes. She would start it and shut it again.

But this time luck was on her side. And as they say there’s a right time for everything, she had reached to a good 12 students as compared to 2 when she started. I always wondered why cant

mom just be happy as a housewife. She always believed that every woman is born with an ability to play multiple characters in her life. Every girl is told to remember that she wont remain just a

daughter when she gets married, she will be a daughter-in-law, a wife, a mother, a co-sister, an aunt and much more. So when a woman can be considered capable enough to fulfill responsibilities of

that these relationships need, why isnt she considered talented enough to be able to play different roles in the society. Why can a super model not be an ideal daughter-in-law, or why can a socialite not be a good mother.

I’ve always been proud of the fact that my mother’s just not a mother, along with the various roles she’s bound to play being a mother, she’s taken up activities that make her happy. From teaching

kids to taking up management activities for the regional community events to being a performer for the same events. All this has never come in her way of being a great wife, an all rounder mother and

a housewife at the same time. It’s not just the generation next, but the woman today who wish to take their hobbies and responsibilities equally seriously and are out there to show the world that there’s much more to them.


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