This can happen too!

We all lose opportunities at some point in life, due to various reasons. But, when the reason is something as silly as your BEARD, you will regret the loss for life. At times it’s difficult to belive the amount of impact a clean shaven look can create. We might normally categorize breaded men or guys with a stubble as hot and the clean shaven ones as cute, but when it comes to being a gentleman, a clean shaven look always works. I realised this when I was once waiting for my turn at a job interview at an events company. As we all know events is a profile where we find smart looking people all around. We were 8 of us interviewing for two positions in the company and i was very sure of losing this opportunity as there were good looking personalities around. I tried striking a conversation with one of the candidates who looked smart enough to grab my attention. I could makeout that he was a little overqualified for the position but wanted to take it up as event management was something he always wanted to do. Exactly when he was making me feel more worthless and my attempt to crack this interview pointless, the interviewer came out of the room to take a look at the candidates and noticed the guy i was talking to. He came nearby and politely asked him to not give the interview. When i later on spoke to mr. smart he told me that the interviewer was of the opinion that if he’s lazy enough to not clean shave for an interview, he would definitly not be active enough to fullfill an events head requirement. I was shocked. I could believe a stubble could make such a huge difference in the interviewers prception and judgements about the candidate that he could reject him without even giving him a fair chance. If only he had got the look, I’m sure the position I am working at today would have been his…Good for me though!

‘This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette”


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