The Groom Hunt.

Opinions and choices made by the subconscious mind has a huge impact on our decision making. No matter how insignificant we think some things are, the subconscious mind captures it and influences our decision making at crucial moments. usually make a lot of. It the summer of 2013 and my sister had tuned 25, My family members thought it was high time my sister got married. Pictures of some of the eligible bachelors in town started coming in. My relatives started looking at prospects and sending shortlisted pictures to my sister. I was never really interested in her life, thus was not very much aware of what was going on in the entire process. But after a while my parents realised that its been quite sometime and she’s not even picked one guy to meet and see if things workout. She would just reject guys at one instance and nobody knew what the issue was. Finally my mom decided to approach me as she thought being a sister I should talk to her and figure out what the real reason behind all these rejections were. I decided to help mom out with this one. Also i thought it would be interesting to know what is it that’s going on in her head. What i figured was something i could have not even thought in my wildest imaginations. She did not like any of the prospects as they all looked old fashioned and aged because of their beard. I always though these things don’t really matter to her, but no…it did matter a lot; as she continuously rejected boys just because all the guys shortlisted by my uncle had particular look with a beard that annoyed my sister. I eventually spoke to my uncle and my mom and told them to send her pictures without shortlisting them from their side so that she picked prospects herself. She accordingly started picking prospects who she wouldn’t mind meeting and eventually it turned out that my jiju was the first one to meet her, the first guy she picked who looked exactly like Shahid Kapoor from Jab We Met, the chocolate boy hero who looked like a gentleman with that clean shaven look was exactly what attracted her towards him. Call it destiny or the psychologies behind the clean shaven look, things really worked out for us!

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