He lived adjacent to me #MyRoleModel

#MyRoleModel, the phrase usually to alot of people reminds them of someone really close to them, like a mother or father. But this is something else for me. Though my parents have always played a very important part of my life and an inspiration in everything they do, but this man is someone who I hardly meet but still whenever I do, he leaves me awestruck. This man is a 61year old man B.P. Pandya and he lives in the building adjacent to mine.

B.P. Pandya being a lawyer by profession is a very well read, intelligent and a man with deep thoughts. I would have never known him, but one day he just came up to me to ask me about my interests and family and also said that he saw me visiting the temple were we met regularly. It was a casual chat, but later on we usually met and had chats about various things in life, specially studies as I was just in standard 9th then.  His guidances always made a difference in my thought processes and decisions, which eventually made me think of him whenever I had a difficulty in making choices in life.

At one such situations, when I had trouble choosing between carries options for myself, as media was something i wanted to pursue and my parents wanted to make be a chartered accountant. I straight away went to Mr. B.P. Pandya to tell him the scene and that the only reason my parents want me to be a CA was because they believed it will give me secured career and good money in future. I can never forget that one statement he made then which made my decision taking the easiest thing ever. What he said was: No matter what degree you take, or what career option you choose, the amount of money you earn and here you end up in life is all your destiny.

That was it. I still have this one statement of his in mind whenever I have to make a difficult choice in life!

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A Role Model for all

We all have a role model, someone we look up to, respect, like everything about and someone we aspire to be like. A role model can be found anywhere, at home, or anywhere whom you have met or seen at some part of your life. Their good qualities would make you want to be like them.

I had recently seen a video in which a 77 year old man in Delhi sells puppets to make a living. This man is a rage on social media with tons of likes on a facebook page named after him and innumerable people watching this video. But this man and this particular video seems to have affected me very deeply.

This man spent all his savings on his children’s education and marriage and has nothing left for him. Above all he lost hi children and so has nobody to take care of him. Inspite of all the attrocities that life put him through, he is facing life with the same amount of willpower that he did when he was young. . This man is Mr P.V Saar, a retired bank manager who is barely able to walk but travels 170 km both sides daily and jumps all hurdles of life. Life tried its best to make him say “I QUIT“, brought him down the knees to say.

This man truely is an inspiration and a Role Model in my life as he inspires me to never give up no matter what. We tend to give up on life or a lot of situations in life easily and take the easier route. Mr P.V Saar is a perfect example of determination and will power.

Golden words from P.V Saar – “One should be always ready to bear all type of problems and we should never loose our hearts”

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