Cricket above all!

Cricket is the nations love but it can be more than that if there is an India versus England one day series headed for a white wash and India shining away in world cricket! Every thing seems far more interesting than studying especially when you are in tenth and have the most dreaded boards coming your way. In my house that meant my cable getting disconnected which is the most torturous thing to do specially in between an important series. Now my parents wouldn’t understand my obsession with cricket and its players, some in particular, to the extent that even the sports page of the newspaper was read before the entertainment section.  Dhoni and Yuvraj were the most discussed in girl’s gossip sessions in school and they were quite the poster boys. Well that was not the point, the point being what do you do when everybody’s only aim in life seemed to be to keep me away from the tv.
Well I had my best friend for company and we would do stupid stuff to catch up on the match. We would spend hours together studying though in reality both of us would sit facing each other with our books in hand enjoying the match. If you ask how then the answer is that we simply had our headphones in one ear carefully hidden with our hair and enjoyed cricket the old way on radio! The only difference being it was the radio on her mobile phone. It was a great match with Sachin, Raina and my favourite Dhoni showing them who the real bosses of cricket are. Well we could not be satisfied with just the commentary, could we? so when ever her mother got busy or went out the tv would switch on in mute and we would sit right in front of it and have the time of our lifes! As they say mango seems sweeter when stolen, I think I haven’t enjoyed the game of cricket as much as those days when the minute the door bell rung we would switch off and run for our lives!

The fastest scoreboard is my favourite feature amongst some of the amazing new features introduced by Star Sports. With this feature I can keep myself updated with scores real time and faster than anyone else.

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