Classes v/s Matches!

Being a girl never pulled me away from the common religion this country had…CRICKET! Though my family never bothered as to why i spent my my entire vacations with my guy friends more than my girl friends, this was something that brought me even more close to the sport. While other girls were more interested in the celebrity gossips, I always kept a track of which match happens when and against which team. I was more aware about the matches any anyone else in my home. My craze for IPL matches had greyed most of the hair on my mom’d head. I had already missed many tution lectures just to watch Kolkatta Knight Riders play. One question every other IPL fan asked me was “Why was supporting KKR when I was a Mumbai resident?” and the only reason was that the team was headed by the king of Bollywood! Shah Rukh Khan was the main reason why I was so much in love with Kolkatta Knight Riders. Though it might sound wired KKR performed its best in the Indian Premier League 2013. It was the IPL 2013 finales and I was stuck in my mom’s lecture session with all the shouting happening as to how i should concentrate on my studies and alot of better things aroung me than just stick to the idiot box and watch matches for 3 months in a row. I was being forced to attend classes as my mom had received a call from my teacher on how my attendance was very low. Miss the IPL finale? That was impossible not just for me, but for any cricket fan on this earth. But right now my only goal was to get rid of all the lecture my mother was showring on me and so I told her that I would miss the final match and attend my classes. I was sure of what I was going to do when i leave home. I packed my bags left home and went to my friend’s home. We were so engrossed in the match and not wanting to leave the place that i called my mum to lie that the lectures were entended for an hour! So this was one my successfull stories of crazy stunts done just to ctach up a match.

The infografix feature by Star Sports is according to me the best feature amongst the new features introduced y them. It’s an interesting way to keep a track of all the important moment sin a match! Great going Star Sports.

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