Classes v/s Matches!

Being a girl never pulled me away from the common religion this country had…CRICKET! Though my family never bothered as to why i spent my my entire vacations with my guy friends more than my girl friends, this was something that brought me even more close to the sport. While other girls were more interested in the celebrity gossips, I always kept a track of which match happens when and against which team. I was more aware about the matches any anyone else in my home. My craze for IPL matches had greyed most of the hair on my mom’d head. I had already missed many tution lectures just to watch Kolkatta Knight Riders play. One question every other IPL fan asked me was “Why was supporting KKR when I was a Mumbai resident?” and the only reason was that the team was headed by the king of Bollywood! Shah Rukh Khan was the main reason why I was so much in love with Kolkatta Knight Riders. Though it might sound wired KKR performed its best in the Indian Premier League 2013. It was the IPL 2013 finales and I was stuck in my mom’s lecture session with all the shouting happening as to how i should concentrate on my studies and alot of better things aroung me than just stick to the idiot box and watch matches for 3 months in a row. I was being forced to attend classes as my mom had received a call from my teacher on how my attendance was very low. Miss the IPL finale? That was impossible not just for me, but for any cricket fan on this earth. But right now my only goal was to get rid of all the lecture my mother was showring on me and so I told her that I would miss the final match and attend my classes. I was sure of what I was going to do when i leave home. I packed my bags left home and went to my friend’s home. We were so engrossed in the match and not wanting to leave the place that i called my mum to lie that the lectures were entended for an hour! So this was one my successfull stories of crazy stunts done just to ctach up a match.

The infografix feature by Star Sports is according to me the best feature amongst the new features introduced y them. It’s an interesting way to keep a track of all the important moment sin a match! Great going Star Sports.

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Cricket above all!

Cricket is the nations love but it can be more than that if there is an India versus England one day series headed for a white wash and India shining away in world cricket! Every thing seems far more interesting than studying especially when you are in tenth and have the most dreaded boards coming your way. In my house that meant my cable getting disconnected which is the most torturous thing to do specially in between an important series. Now my parents wouldn’t understand my obsession with cricket and its players, some in particular, to the extent that even the sports page of the newspaper was read before the entertainment section.  Dhoni and Yuvraj were the most discussed in girl’s gossip sessions in school and they were quite the poster boys. Well that was not the point, the point being what do you do when everybody’s only aim in life seemed to be to keep me away from the tv.
Well I had my best friend for company and we would do stupid stuff to catch up on the match. We would spend hours together studying though in reality both of us would sit facing each other with our books in hand enjoying the match. If you ask how then the answer is that we simply had our headphones in one ear carefully hidden with our hair and enjoyed cricket the old way on radio! The only difference being it was the radio on her mobile phone. It was a great match with Sachin, Raina and my favourite Dhoni showing them who the real bosses of cricket are. Well we could not be satisfied with just the commentary, could we? so when ever her mother got busy or went out the tv would switch on in mute and we would sit right in front of it and have the time of our lifes! As they say mango seems sweeter when stolen, I think I haven’t enjoyed the game of cricket as much as those days when the minute the door bell rung we would switch off and run for our lives!

The fastest scoreboard is my favourite feature amongst some of the amazing new features introduced by Star Sports. With this feature I can keep myself updated with scores real time and faster than anyone else.

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Dinner date with Mumbai Indians!

Cricket has always been a very important part of my life and this was something that brought my entire society gang together.
Missing a match was always a very big deal. I remember one such day when Mumbai Indians was scheduled to play against Chennai Super Kings, my parents planed a dinner at my aunt’s place. Miss the match for a dinner with family! Really! I would never want to do that. I tried all tips and tricks to get rid of my parents that night so that i could watch the match alone at home. After all the begging and pleading happening my parents finally agreed to not take me with them. I was already dancing in my head as in the next few minutes I was going to be left alone to watch the match in peace.
That very moment when my parents shut the door behind their back i was jumping on the couch with the remote in my hand like a cheer leader. My happiness didn’t last too long as their was power failure due to some crappy fuse problem and the entire building was supposed to be in the dark till the electricians come. There was no way i was going to miss the match. I started walking all around the house thinking of a solution to this. And the first thing that came to my mind was, If only i had gone with my parents, I could have atleast not missed the highlights of the match! Then? Why not go there now! Like a shameless ass i changed and got ready to visit my aunt for dinner. Dinner was just a reason though! My aunts who stayed just in the next lane got shocked when she saw me their! My parents couldnt belienve their eyes when they realised that it was me, joining them for dinner. The most inportant question was thrown at me in the next two seconds….Why did you deny coming with us before? To which i said – “I just wanted to surprise you all”
Mumbai Indians won that night! Nothing could add to my happiness. All the lying felt totally worth it and the best part of the evening was that i did’t miss the match!

I love the new Zip clips feature introduced by Star Sports! All the important moments and hightlights are captured real time and so nobody can now stop me from enjoying and replaying the best scenes of any match.

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Gym or Cricket!

So we’re here to talk about wackiest things I have done for the love of cricket! There are a lot of times when I’ve done things to be able to follow and enjoy the game. I remember there was the IPL final between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians  After a long time there was a possibility of Mumbai Indians actually winning the match and getting the IPL cup. In all this what my mother expects me to do is go to the gym. Now what is important? Gym or cricket? Obviously cricket! I would do anything to not miss on the match. I told mom i would work out for an hour extra the next but no there was no way she would agree. I thought she was being too fussy. Actually, she was right in her way because there should be a kind of discipline that needs to be followed without a doubt. But again, one day is okay, no? The problem with me is that these one days are a very frequent occurrence. What I did next is a little funny. I told mom I am going to the gym, packed my bag, left the house only to go downstairs to my friend’s place and sit & enjoy the match. I didn’t even realize how long it had been. Obviously my mom knew i am up to something when i didn’t come home for a good three hours. There was a lot of lecturing that followed that night. But there was nothing that could take my happiness away from me that day. Mumbai Indians had won! I was smiling away like a fool while my mother screamt at me ! But, after that day I’ve been regular with the gy, well that is at least what my mom thinks 😛

My favourite feature about starsports would be the action replay! If there’s an interesting ball or moment that you’ve missed, you can go back and enjoy it without any problem!

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Sujit-My best friend, My role Model!

The question is – who is that one person that I always look up to? Who is it who never fails to inspire me? Who, with his one even glance , can send a surge of inspiration coupled with courage and admiration mingled with awe in my mind? And answer to that question is – that person is my best friend – Sujit!

Even though both of us are the same age, he is someone I look up to. And with good reason too. I have known him all my life – he is my best friend, my mentor, the bravest person I have ever known. But what has he done to have me speak so highly of him? The answer lies in knowing who he really is as a person. He has had to face some really very difficult situations and hardships in life. Like the time when his time when his father   was discovered with having suffering from a serious life- threatening disease or  the time just after his father had suffered a huge loss in his business and those were really difficult times for him and his family. But I have seen him rise above all, facing all these difficulties with a sweet and charming smile on his face. And, to think that he is just 21! I really don’t know where he finds his courage from, but what I surely know is the fact that he knows how to spread those onto others and help those who are in need.

Also, like I said, he has never failed to inspire me, he is my role model – if I may say so. One thing that he keeps telling me is that and which is definitely his motto in life is this – “We only live once. So, there’s no point living it in fear. Always, face your difficulties with a smile and then you will see how quickly it ceases to be a such a huge problem you thought it was!”

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Papa I love you!

A male role model you ask me to write about. There’s no one else except my father who instantly comes to my mind. a pillar f support who has stood by me through thick and thin. There’s nobody I have seen with the kind of patience that he has. Very traditional in his approach at times but extremely tolerant of our generation’s modern ways. The best thing about him is that he has never been judgmental  He has always been there as a strong pillar of support in my life, there’s absolutely nothing that can give me more strength than this fact.
There’s a particular incident which I would like to share with you all. There was a time in my HSC science that I had lost interest in my studies. The portion was too tough for me and I could not cope up with the way things were. Being a topper in school and then suddenly a big zero in the science class had taken a huge toll on me and my self confidence. There’s only my father who came to my rescue at this time. He was the one to tell me that nothing is impossible and that if i actually tried, I could do it. And I have no qualms in accepting that yes, he was right. On the other hand, he was upset to see me frustrated with things that didn’t interest me. He was the person to say if you want to change fields, I am there with you. Go ahead and just do it, I will stand by you and answer anybody and everybody’s questions.
That was the moment when I realized how much my father loves me and how my being happy is one of his most ardent concerns. I love him too and try my level best to at least inculcate a few of his qualities within me.

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