A day full of ups & downs!

I left from office on a happy note looking forward to the well-planned weekend with friends. Little did I know, What was in store was a series of events that would leave me rather upset instead of happy. In the forever crowded bus that I boarded I was surrounded with strangers and absolutely no place to move. This particular man who stood behind me seemed to be trying his best to take advantage of the situation. This is something that pisses me or any girl off instantly. He looked so disgusting with a stubble and pan-stained teeth. I hated his smelly stubble, the way he looked, the crowd, the traffic, everything was just so disgusting. To add to this, my friend called to tell me that our plans had to be cancelled because she had something urgent that had come up. Another add on to the already bad mood! Here, this man just wouldn’t stop leaning over me. I was so frustrated that I screamed at him and the entire bus stood proof to the crass words I showered him with. The only solace that day was me reaching home and having a peaceful dinner with my family.

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A new life & a new beginning!

It was going to be my first day at work. Super excited and happy I left from home to go to the station where the train would take me to Thane, the place where my office was located. I was new to the railway system as well. I didn’t know what platform my train would come on neither did I know where exactly to stand for the ladies compartment. Super confused as I was on the crowded platform, I looked around for someone sensible who would hopefully be able to answer my queries and guide me. There was a young man in his late 20s who looked decently approachable and like he would be able to help. I walked up to him and asked him about what train i would have to take to go to Thane. He answered with a smile and very carefully explained to me where i would find the ladies compartment as well. His clean shaven look, dressing style and chivalry completely bowled me over! I thanked him with a smile and began walking towards my compartment. I just couldn’t stop smiling thinking about this short but cute interaction with the helpful stranger. I got on the train that arrived and secretly hoped to find him on the platform the next day as well.

Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda

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