Create a better Delhi!!

1) safety for women
Buses have become increasingly unsafe for women population which has hampered their confidence and made it difficult to commute in daily buses
2) Voting must be made compulsary
People should be forced to vote and only then an effective government will be established. Those who don’t shudnt be allowed to enjoy government policies till the next elections.
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Do the following when you have asked for it!

1) Pass a population control bill:
Bring the child limit to 2 and promote child adoption. This will provide homes and families to the orphans. Also provide low EMIs to the parents who adopt kids and also financial benefit to them. This helps both the orphan and the couple and the society on the whole.

2) Initiate Delhi clean up drive in colleges, schools and offices.

Why only ask the children and youth to clean their city might as well ask the corporates to get into the boots and remove the dirt created by them over the city. This can happen every week, reducing the intensity of dirt over the city.
This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

Take a step to development!

1) Take development provisions for the slums:
Provide them with proper housing facilities and employment with loans for repayment within certain years motivating them to grow. This also helps in building their livelihood.

2) Remove the quota system in education system:
Though the quota system was initiated for the upliftment of the backward class it has started creating nuisance in the society.It is just a wrong benefit for the student who are not eligible for the seat over the eligible candidates. It has effected the confidence of the hard working students and their morale in getting an unbaised selection and opportunity.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with